About me

Gabrielle Dash is the founder & CEO of ​Glamonthedash! Gabby has been working in the ​beauty industry for over 12 years, from working in​ salons to having her own suite and then turning​ into an entrepreneur. ​

“I finally decided to take a leap of faith and turn​ my passions for beauty and business into​ starting Glamonthedash. I love uplifting women,​ empowering them to feel their best and I'm so​ passionate about helping other women be​ successful and live their best lives of being Glam​ in a limited timing manner!"​

GLAMONTHEDASH’S goal is to connect our clients with skilled beauty professionals ​to deliver high-end on-site beauty services, while boosting your beauty and ​confidence. Our aim is to offer you the luxury of having a personal beauty expert to ​cater to all your beauty requirements ranging from hair color, haircuts, hair ​extensions to lash extensions in the most comfortable way possible – in the ​convenience of your own home or in our salon studio.

Our Services

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Starts at $50

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